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Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence 
  • Workshop 1: Sunday 7th June 2020 now onlineMovement and sensation
  • Workshop 2: Sunday 23 August 2020: Sensation and emotion
  • Workshop 3: Sunday 13th September 2020: Image
  • Workshop 4: Sunday 25th October 2020: Integrating our moving and witnessing skills and exploring different forms of this practice.

Authentic Movement is a contemplative movement practice which has evolved within the field of dance movement therapy, and been influenced by Jungian psychology and meditative practice. As in the discipline of mindfulness meditation, we seek to pay attention to our direct experience, moment by moment, witnessing the sensations, feelings, thoughts, images and movement impulses which arise into consciousness.

Times: 1.30-5.30pm. Venue: Online / Willow Studio, London SE3. 
: £50.00 for each date.
Tutor: Jane Okondo
Booking and Infoinfo@ibmt.co.uk / Jane 07500 838 563