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The Institute for Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy is hosting a public weekend event to share practice and research with people interested or working in the wider field of somatic practice.

Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July 2018

Dartington Hall, Totnes, Devon, England TQ9 6EL

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Saturday 7th July: 10am – 5.00pm

The IBMT faculty will offer an Introductory workshop to those interested in the new IBMT Diploma Programme UK, starting in September 2018 at Dartington Hall, Devon.

More about the IBMT Diploma Programme UK:

It is an ISMETA Registered Training & Professional Development Programme founded by Linda Hartley in 1990. The Institute has run training programmes in Germany, England, and now Lithuania and Russia with an international faculty of trainers.

The training is a holistic approach to Somatic Movement Therapy & Education based on principles of: BODY-MIND CENTERING®, AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT & SOMATIC PSYCHOLOGY. The IBMT Diploma Programme is designed for those working, or intending to work, in the fields of somatic movement, dance, and the arts therapies; bodywork; psychotherapy and counselling; health, education, early years learning and the caring professions.

6 – 7.30pm: Pre-dinner Social.

This is an open space to gather and connect with other IBMT practitioners and to celebrate Linda Hartley’s pioneering work and 28 years of leading the Diploma programme. Drink and nibbles provided.

The studio will be available until 10pm for anyone who wishes to stay and use it.

Evening Meals are available on the Dartington Hall Estate at The White Hart – Booking Advisable Tel: 01803 847 111. Other Food/eating options are here.

Sunday 8th July: 10am – 5pm

Workshops, presentations and discussion, exploring the application of IBMT to the broader field of somatic, therapeutic and creative practice.

This day will be led by IBMT practitioners from UK and abroad.

Please note: These days can count as Continued Professional Development and a certificate confirming your attendance will be awarded at the end of each day.

Details about the venue, travel, accommodation and food can be seen here.


Saturday and Sunday 2 day ticket : £120

TO BOOK PLEASE EMAIL Mari Winkelman: somaticspace@hotmail.com

We would very much like to welcome you to join us for this weekend of celebration and exploration!

With love from the ‘Celebration team’,

Charlotte, Mari, Barbara and Red.

…and here is a personal note from IBMT founder Linda Hartley:

Dear Friends and Colleagues

In the summer of 2018 it will be twenty-eight years since I began to teach what has become the three-year IBMT Diploma Programme. The first Programmes were offered in Germany and they continue to run in the UK, Lithuania and Russia, supported by teams of skilled organisers, co-ordinators, assistants and, of course, our wonderful IBMT Faculty.

I am happy to be inviting you to join us for a Celebration of IBMT at this moment in time, as I hand over the running of the UK Programme. The new UK Programme will be very ably organised and held by Jane Okondo and Paul Beaumont, who will also join Beverley Nolan and myself on the Faculty.

As I gradually step back from direct involvement in co-ordinating the IBMT Programmes, I envision that the work might evolve under a collective leadership, with others engaging in ways that meet their skills and interests as time goes on.

Already this is happening: I am very grateful to Charlotte Darbyshire who graciously accepted my invitation to organise this Celebration, and to Mari Winkelman, Barbara Erber and Red Elders who have generously volunteered to help her.

It is exciting to me that the Celebration, and also the new Diploma Programme, will take place at Dartington, in Devon. It was here, in 1974, that I began my own studies in somatic dance with Mary Fulkerson, when I entered the Diploma in Dance and Theatre at Dartington College of Arts. My time there was transformative in profound ways: the education I received not only deeply changed my approach to dance and set me on a life-long exploration of embodiment practices, but also laid the foundations for a way of learning, research and creative practice which has enabled me to pursue my own path over many decades. Without the special ethos of Dartington’s spirit of creative immersion, I may never have found the inspiration and courage to do this.

So I am immensely grateful to be returning to Dartington in July of 2018, and I hope that many of you will be able to join myself, the ‘Celebration team’, and IBMT Faculty members, as we gather to share our practice, our dreams and our vision for the future – of IBMT and Somatics in our own lives, in our work, and in the world.

With warm wishes