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Experience some of the elements of the ISMETA approved training, that draws on Infant Movement Development, Somatic Psychology, Experiential Anatomy and Authentic Movement. Explore how the IBMT approach uses movement, hands-on techniques and reflective practices to support integration for our selves and others. 

Foundations of Human Movement – Developmental & Psychological Themes
  • Workshop 1: Sunday 2nd Feb 2020: From Being to Doing: Explore the cellular starting point to our movement patterns.
  • Workshop 2: Saturday 21st March 2020: Embryological Layers: Explore how structure begins to form and is expressed.
  • Workshop 3: Saturday 6th June 2020: Attachment & Separation: Explore our early patterns of bonding and separation.

These introductory workshops can be taken as a series or individually. Explore movement that comes from the early foundations of our development – the movement that we all go through, and provide the building blocks to all adult movement. Be introduced to some of the psychological and developmental themes that go along with this process. Develop insight into our adult patterns and the potential for new freedom.

Workshops include movement, simple bodywork, drawing and sharing with others.

Open to all who are interested to explore human movement for learning, health and well-being: including Physical Therapists, Bodyworkers, Dancers, Yoga practitioners, Therapists, and those working with babies and young children.  No experience necessary.

Times: 10.30am – 4.30pm 
Venue: Exeter Community Centre 
Cost: £65.00 Early Bird Rate. £80 Full Rate if paid less than 6 weeks before the workshop date
Tutors: Paul Beaumont
Booking: Click Here to Download the Form

Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence. Developing movement and witnessing skills…
  • (FULL) Workshop 1: Sunday 19th January 2020: Movement and sensation.
  • (2 spaces available) Workshop 2: Sunday 19th April 2020: Sensation and emotion.
  • (2 spaces available) Workshop 3: Sunday 7th June 2020: Image.
  • (2 spaces available) Workshop 4: Sunday 23 August 2020: Integrating our moving and witnessing skills and exploring different forms of this practice.

Authentic Movement is a contemplative movement practice which has evolved within the field of dance movement therapy, and been influenced by Jungian psychology and meditative practice. As in the discipline of mindfulness meditation, we seek to pay attention to our direct experience, moment by moment, witnessing the sensations, feelings, thoughts, images and movement impulses which arise into consciousness.

Times: 1.30-5.30pm. Venue: Willow Studio, London. 
Cost: £45.00 Early Bird Rate for each workshop. £50 Full Rate for each date if paid less than 6 weeks before the workshop date.
Tutors: Jane Okondo
Booking and Infoinfo@ibmt.co.uk / Jane 07500 838 563

Embodied Anatomy and Movement Re-patterning and Authentic Movement workshop

Exploring the Endocrine system and finding fluid presence and movement.

An introduction to the embodied anatomy and movement re-patterning and the practice of Authentic Movement.

On this day we will explore our relationship to our endocrine system and integrate this through the practice of Authentic Movement.

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of experience and also is an introduction to Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy for those interested in joining the IBMT Diploma Programme.

(4 spaces available)

Date and time: Saturday 15 February 2020, 10.30pm-4.30pm
Venue: London 
Cost: £65.00 Early Bird Rate. £80 Full Rate if paid less than 6 weeks before the workshop date
Tutors: Jane Okondo
Booking: Click Here to Download the Form
Infoinfo@ibmt.co.uk / Jane 07500 838 563

IBMT Graduates also offer workshops throughout the UK and Europe which include an integration of the IBMT training. For an opportunity to experience the wider scope of somatic movement and for details on IBMT Diploma Graduates workshops follow this link: IBMT Graduate workshops