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UK IBMT Newsletter May 2024

Student Artwork from Embodied Exploration

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  • Bristol Introductory Workshop – Sat 22nd June 2024. Book Now.
  • BBC Radio Programme – Child – the story of a child from fertilisation to first birthday through the lens of society, history, and science.
  • The Diploma in Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy – An overview.
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Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy

Join us to get a flavour of the IBMT approach. Learn about yourself as you take some time to pay attention to your body. Discover some frameworks that help us understand how we move and how we feel. A foundation for personal and professional development, and an introduction to a broad, deep and relevant training for those interested in well-being rooted in the body.

The day will include guided movement explorations, mark making, touch and sharing experience with others.

The workshop is facilitated by 2 experienced graduates from the diploma programme, Mari Winkelman and Ali Rose.

Mari writes “I’m joyfully looking forward to offering this introductory day of experiences of the IBMT diploma. This will give you a taste of the weave of approaches to embodiment of self and meaning-making which can be applied in so many contexts.

The course transformed me as an integrative therapist and group facilitator. For me, the profound experiential learnings about my embodied self in the Body Systems, Somatic Psychology and Infant Movement Development modules have enriched my capacity to be a connected human in the world. My creative struggles as a student and practitioner were so well held and have expanded my skills and presence in my therapeutic practice and relationships generally.”


Ali Rose PhotoAli writes:

“There is really something very special in the way the IBMT Diploma training draws together Authentic Movement, Embodied Anatomy, Infant Movement Development and Somatic Psychology.  Combined, they offer me such a rich toolkit with which I can work with my clients, each of whom come for such diverse physical, emotional and psychological reasons.  

The training helped me develop skills of therapeutic presence which allow for a deep level of being with a client and permits an openness to receiving what they are communicating both verbally and somatically. As a therapist, the IBMT training has provided me with a multi-layered framework with which I can help my clients develop their relationship to themselves through their embodiment.  I am continually touched by my clients’ experiences of how a somatic approach to therapy brings them new insights in ways which allow a healing integration of life experiences and a profound reclamation of self.”

Read feedback from previous participants here: https://ibmt.co.uk/testimonials/

Booking & Further details about the Bristol workshop here:


BBC Radio Programme – Child

This programme over 27, 15 minute episodes tells the story of a child from fertilisation to first birthday through the lens of society, history, and science. This is about the timescale of development we cover in our Infant Movement Development module. The programme beautifully interweaves different perspectives, including much on the role of the endocrine system (recently explored on our Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning Module). It powerfully explores physiological, physical, emotional, psychological, religious, artistic, queer, racial, evolutionary and patriarchal narratives with such heart.

Episode 2 includes description of socio-economic, patriarchal issues. Episode 4, the impact of tech on the ability to feel and connect and some beautiful descriptions of the significance of our felt sense. Other sections also reference our connections to the more than human world.

Made by India Rakusen, Child follows on from her earlier radio programme 28ish Days Later on the menstrual cycle. Highly recommended.

Diploma in Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy

Our training gives you a grounding in a holistic, somatic approach, working with body, mind and spirit. The course emphasises student’s embodied learning, through a mixture of movement, mark making, guided touch and bodywork. Our training groups meet for a long weekend a month, developing the safety and container to support their study for personal and professional development.

Our Diploma training is one of the Approved Training Programmes of our regulatory body, The International Somatic Movement, Education & Therapy Association (ISMETA). This means we meet their criteria of at least 500 hours of study, and on completion of the diploma, enables you to go for the ‘fast-track’ application to become a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist or Educator (RSMT/E). It was developed by Linda Hartley over 30 years, drawing on her practice with pioneers in the somatic world – Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (Body Mind Centering ®) and Janet Adler (The Discipline of Authentic Movement), together with her own dance and therapy work.

The Diploma is made up of 4 modules:

Infant Movement Development

  • Learn about the foundation of human movement, from conception through the first year of life. Explore the basic movement building blocks that enable us to go from baby to a functional, creative and expressive adult.

Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Presence

  • An introduction to this movement practice that supports the ability to track movement, sensation, feeling and image. Develop the skills to differentiate self from other, finding clear language to come into relationship with another. Cultivate your skills of your inner witness that can enable you to be the witness to others.

Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning

  • Explore our anatomy and physiology of the major systems of the body (eg. Skin, connective tissue, bone, muscle, organ, endocrine and nervous sytsem). Develop understanding through your own embodiment of the material and refine skills for your own development and work with others. Explore how holding patterns can be released and new pathways found.

Somatic Psychology

  • Follow a developmental arc through this module, from embryology, sub-personalities, development of self, process and shadow work. This module also includes professional practice issues.

The material is interwoven in each module to build layers of understanding and respect for our individual and collective body stories.


Read about the Diploma Programme here: www.ibmt.co.uk/diploma-programme/

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