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Dip IBMT (Diploma in IBMT)

Fully qualified to practise as an IBMT Practitioner. Has completed three years of training in Infant Movement Development; Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence; Embodied Anatomy and Movement Re-patterning: Body Systems 1 & 2; Somatic Psychology, and is eligible to become a registered ISMETA practitioner.

Cert IBMT (Certificate in IBMT)

Has completed three years of training and is working towards the Diploma requirements. Can integrate IBMT into their existing practice and may offer reduced-rate IBMT sessions

Cert EDP (IBMT) (Certificate in Embodied Developmental Psychology)

Has completed a two-year CPD programme in Embodied Developmental Psychology, and can integrate this work into their existing practice

IBMT Associate

Has completed a significant part of the IBMT Diploma curriculum and is an ISMETA-registered practitioner integrating IBMT into their practice.