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To find an IBMT practitioner near you, use your usual device controls (e.g. double click/spread fingers) to zoom in on the map and click on the markers to find out about each practitioner. Locations are approximate. 

Below the map is a table, listing practitioners by country and also Diploma & Certificate Holders.


Dip IBMT (Diploma in IBMT)

Fully qualified to practise as an IBMT Practitioner. Has completed more than 500 hours of training including studies in Infant Movement Development; Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence; Embodied Anatomy and Movement Re-patterning; Body Systems and conscious use of touch; Somatic Psychology; and is eligible to become a registered ISMETA practitioner.

Cert IBMT (Certificate in IBMT)

Has completed at least 500 hours of training and is working towards completing the Diploma requirements.

IBMT Associate

Has completed a significant part of the IBMT Diploma curriculum and is an ISMETA-registered practitioner integrating IBMT into their practice.