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Reading List – Infant Movement Development (Updated Feb 2024)

Core IBMT Texts:

  • Wisdom of the Body Moving An Introduction to Body-Mind Centering, Linda Hartley. North Atlantic Books. 1995
  • Sensing, Feeling and Action Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Contact Editions, Northampton, MA. 1993.
  • The Fluid Nature of Being Ed. Linda Hartley (a collection of writings by 21 IBMT practitioners from the 3 programmes in the UK, Lithuania & Russia.)

Recommended (in no particular order):

  • Basic Neurocellular Patterns: Exploring Developmental Movement Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. 2018 (An excellent, very clear and comprehensive book. Expensive, but useful if the patterns are of particular interest to you)
  • From Conception to Crawling Annie Brook. www.body-mind.net 2001 (A small, ring bound book offering another perspective from a BMC practitioner)
  • Amazing Babies Beverly Stokes. Move Alive Media. 2002 (Practical and parent friendly.)
  • On The Way To Walking: The Essential Guide To Natural Movement Development™ Lenore Grubinger. Amajoy Publications – www.onthewaytowalking.com 2016. (Parent friendly, with lots of photos. BMC based. ebook available plus other resources)
  • From Conception to Birth Alexander Tsiaras. Vermilion, London 2002 (a beautiful, detailed book of digital images charting embryo and body system development)
  • A Child is Born Lennart Nilsson. Jonathan Cape 2009 (A large Format book of beautiful photographs/digital images from conception to birth. Lots of editions available)
  • Understanding Babies 2021 Ania Witkowska (Written by a past Faculty Member of IBMT. Parent and teacher friendly)
  • Reflexes, Learning And Behavior Sally Goddard (One of the few books that details a perspective on the infant reflexes).
  • The Interpersonal World of the Infant Daniel N. Stern.1985 (A Classic text.)
  • Diary of a Baby Daniel N Stern 1990 (A lovely small book that imagines what a child sees, feels and experiences)
  • Embryogenesis Richard Grossinger. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA
  • Being and Becoming Franklyn Sills. North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA
  • The Biology of Belief Bruce Lipton. Hay House. 2005/2008
  • Jaap van der Waal’s website:  www.embryo.nl 
  • The Interpersonal World of the Infant Daniel N Stern. Basic Books.1985. (Development of the Senses of Self)
  • Boundary and Space Madeleine Davis & David Wallbridge. Penguin Books. 1981. (Good summary of Winnicott’s work around infant relational development)
  • Why Love Matters Sue Gerhardt. Routledge. 2004. (Summary of recent research in neuroscience and attachment theory)

Other books of Interest:

  • Body Stories – A Guide to Experiential Anatomy, Andrea Olsen. 1991 (May be more relavent to the Embodied Anatomy Module, but can be useful in grounding the infant movement patterns in other aspects of our anatomy).
  • Human Touch – Rebecca Böhme. (German Language) (She researches touch and physical closeness and explains, why we need touch)
  • Natural Intelligence, Susan Aposhyan. 1999 (BMC based)
  • Touching – The Human Significance of the Skin, Ashley Montagu. 1986 (Seminal book, important themes re development)
  • The Continuum Concept, Jean Liedloff.1975. 1986 (Another seminal book, accessible and interesting)
  • The Out of Sync Child – Recognizing and coping with Sensory Processing Disorder Carol Kranowitz 2005 (One of a number of books in a series, based on the work of Jean Ayres & Sensory Integration)
  • Kids Beyond Limits, Anat Baniel. Pedigree, 2012 (Written by a Feldenkrais practitioner, offering key ways of working, many of which overlap with IBMT)