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What Workshop participants have said:

Theory and Practice …

I valued the experiential nature of the work…. theory supports practice rather than theory led.

Being taught with integrity and compassion …

The invaluable synthesis and insightful application of Body Mind Centering including the experiential anatomy, somatic psychology and Authentic Movement.  Being taught with integrity and creative, kind and compassionate knowledge.

New Understanding …

The training gave me a deep new understanding of movement and body- spirit-soul-communication. The wideness, the openness, its concrete and creative at the same time.

Well Structured Study …

Good time to dive in with personal embodiment as a main focus, rather then theoretical information; deep learning about hands-on work and ability to hold the client’s process.

What I value about the training …

It supports me in the way I live my life and relate to others. I feel it is a part of me, it’s not what I do, its how I am.


Applying my Training …

I currently work in an educational context and so explore appropriate applications of IBMT material in this setting. I also apply the IBMT material within my artistic practice and post graduate research.

My Movement Understanding …

I apply it in each dance class (Modern dance/ improvisation/ bodywork/ individual processing…) Its the basic matrix, my movement understanding builds up on.

How I apply what I learnt …

All the time, in private client work, in public workshops, in Higher Educational teaching both BA and MA level, and in navigating personal waters, it is a bedrock of my being-ness in the world.

Immersion and Balance …

I loved meeting others interested in this work from many walks of life. The time for immersion for own process, was nicely balanced with being a learner.

A Great Introduction …

Nourishing, engaging, thought provoking and beautifully held.

A Real Joy …

It was a real joy to dip into the work. I find myself quietly stopping across my day and physically and mentally revisiting many moments from the session.

A Balance of Theory and Practice

I wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoyed the day. It was really wonderful to have a balance of theory and applied movement practice.

The course succeeded my expectation

The day offered an opportunity to better understand the IBMT programme as well as having a feel of the infant movement development module. The course succeeded my expectation

Interest and Curiosity …

Even though the introduction was just for a few hours – I found the effects long lasting and it has definitely inspired an interest and curiosity about somatic movement for me.

The impact of the training

I was always very excited about the IBMT Diploma, but never anticipated quite how much my life/career would develop as a result.

Louisa White www.joyfuljams.co.uk

What did you particularly value about the event?

Sensitive trainer, leading us through the day with openness and kindness

M Gray Yoga Teacher

Feedback from Infant Movement Module Student

I loved this course – it really supported and deepened my existing knowledge and practice in developmental movement. Through the experiential work I believe significant repatterining of my system occurred and my life (literally) became more full and present which has had huge implications both professionally and personally.

Louisa 2021

Clarity, Authenticity and Acceptance

This practice has supported me both professionally, in my therapeutic work and personally in my daily interactions; I am able to track my experience in relation to another and separate more easily their experience and mine. I believe I am able to act in the world with more clarity, authenticity and acceptance.

Louisa (Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Practice Student) 2021

Feedback from Infant Movement Development Student

On a professional level this module has supported me in my teaching of human movement patterns in yoga classes and embodiment workshops. The training gave me a lens to witness movement expression, what is emergent, where an individual may need resourcing. It gives approaches to process and practices that can be offered to my private therapy clients in co-creative enquiry.

The module offers a powerful map for personal process and professional practice. The somatic approach allows for multiple levels of conscious and unconscious material to be engaged through the body rather than the mind. It delivers theory, practice and experience in the inter and intra personal domains of talk, touch and movement. This investment and exploration invites integration for the practitioner.

Mel Softley 2021 YogaSoftley.com