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Workshops offered by IBMT Diploma Graduates:

Moving through Fluid Evolutions

  • Facilitator: Jane Okondo
  • Online workshops
  • Dates: 30 May + 20 June 2020

Exploring the different stages of evolutionary movement and how this connects us to our inherent early developmental movement; cellular breathing, naval radiation, pre and spinal movement patterns – through IBMT experiential anatomy and Continuum.

The Basics of Movement

  • Facilitator: Aiste Kriukelyte
  • Dates: 10 workshops on Wednesdays 1–3pm starting 18th Sept 2020.
  • Language: Lithuanian (translation to English is possible).

A series of 10 experiential workshops to get acquainted with the early movement patterns, explore their presence in our bodies and how they support the daily movements we do.


  • Facilitator:Leticia Santafé.

Voice and Somatic Movement Education for the Artist : SOMart. A space that provides the opportunity to different disciplines of the artistic world to meet in a common research; The potential of the Somatic Movement Education and The Linklater Voice technique to develop their range of  creativity. A unique experiential opportunity for the development of  the home of the Artist: their bodies.

The Discipline of Authentic Movement

  • Facilitator: Jane Okondo
  • Dates: on hold until out of lock down

Regular groups and day workshops in the Discipline of Authentic Movement – finding the bridge between moving, giving space for our inner world and finding language for our experience.