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Workshops offered by IBMT Diploma Graduates:

Living Body Zoomovement

The zoom where you don’t have to actually be ‘on’ zoom but you are held in connection with a group as you return to the wisdom and creativity of your inner body senses in this guided embodiment and movement session with Mari Winkelman, somatic movement educator and therapist.

Experiential Anatomy into Movement Classes

These sessions will begin with an introduction to the week’s anatomical theme (including looking at imagery), followed by experiential explorations and gentle prompts for movement. The last portion of the session will be accompanied by music and offer space for integration.

Moving through Fluid Evolutions

  • Facilitator: Jane Okondo
  • London, UK
  • Dates: 20 March 2021

Exploring the different stages of evolutionary movement and how this connects us to our inherent early developmental movement; cellular breathing, naval radiation, pre and spinal movement patterns – through IBMT experiential anatomy and Continuum.

The Basics of Movement

  • Facilitator: Aiste Kriukelyte
  • Dates: 10 workshops on Wednesdays 1–3pm starting 18th Sept 2020.
  • Language: Lithuanian (translation to English is possible).

A series of 10 experiential workshops to get acquainted with the early movement patterns, explore their presence in our bodies and how they support the daily movements we do.


  • Facilitator:Leticia Santafé.

Voice and Somatic Movement Education for the Artist : SOMart. A space that provides the opportunity to different disciplines of the artistic world to meet in a common research; The potential of the Somatic Movement Education and The Linklater Voice technique to develop their range of  creativity. A unique experiential opportunity for the development of  the home of the Artist: their bodies.

The Discipline of Authentic Movement

  • Facilitator: Jane Okondo
  • Dates: 23 October (open group) 11, 25 November and 9 December 2020 (closed group)
  • New groups beginning January 2021

Practicing in the Discipline of Authentic Movement – finding the bridge between moving, giving space for our inner world and finding language for our experience.