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Bone – Rich Territory and Strong Ground

Listening to the bones, I feel my truth, my integrity.

New possibilities at each layer. Clarity, wisdom, deep rest is available. 

Dancing from the bones, I am with an ancient knowing. 

Dreamtime at the marrow. Ancient bedrock, timeless space.

(Artwork and Writing from a Students Journal)

This month we continued our journey in Experiential Anatomy and Movement Repatterning, landing with the bones, as we progress through the Skeletal System that we’ll continue over the next 3 months. Beginning with our own felt-sense experience, we move, visualise and use self-touch. The group holds a space for this personal exploration as we hear our range of experiences, finding the overlaps and differences. We explore the map of the anatomy and physiology of bone, and how this informs our intentional touch as we work with others.

We visit the foot, being introduced to protocols of differentiating the bones and spaces, and the individual relationships between each. We find our feet and the landscape of anatomy, from the inside out, through movement exploration, and from the outside in, through hands on body work techniques. Through movement, through touch, we feel and notice more.

We learn about the spiral movement pathways, finding our vertical walking patterns, underpinned by early developmental horizontal patterns. Rich territory and strong ground.

Attending to the spaces between and within my bones, I let the light in

Offering moments of insight to my situation

Lighting and lightening my journeys path

I travel forward

Student Journal