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The Diploma in Integrative Bodywork & Movement Therapy is composed of 4 modules over 3 years. (If you would like to take individual modules, please get in touch. If you would like to apply for the whole diploma and have a payment plan that spans 3 years, please let us know).

Places are limited so apply and complete your Registration & Payment early to ensure your place.

If you are interested in the Diploma:

Stage 1. Please complete the Application Form and pay the Application Fee (Click here to Download Module Application Form) and return the form by email, attaching a photo of yourself, and your Letter of Recommendation (details on the form).

We’ll consider your application letting you know our decision within 14 days.

Once accepted:

Stage 2. Please complete the Registration & Payment Agreement Form for the module/s you have been accepted on (Click on the links below to download the forms). In some instances we might be able to accept later applications, but to ensure your place, we require registrations and payment/arrangements to be completed 6 weeks before the start of each module:

If you would like to Register for the 4 modules, to start Autumn 2024 and have a payment plan that spreads the cost evenly over 3 years, please complete this Full Diploma Registration form. Total Cost of 4 modules £8675 (starting in Autumn 2024). IBMT-Full Diploma-Registration-Payment-Agreement-Form-2024 2027


Arrange the relevant payment.

Please note that a place is only secured once both registration form and payment have been received.  Deposits are non-refundable. We reserve the right to cancel events at our discretion and will issue refunds for any fees paid. We are not liable for any travel or accommodation costs. When payments/refunds are made to/from international accounts, all banking fees to be met by the student. 

Continuing Students – Please complete a module Registration & Payment Agreement form (no need to complete an application form).