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The UK IBMT Newsletter July 2021

We’re looking ahead to Module 1 & Module 2 beginning in Devon in a few months. If you’re interested in joining us please get in touch – the last opportunities for taking part in introductory workshops are coming up.

We’re approaching the end of our training year too, having landed back in the studio with the Somatic Psychology students and will complete the Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning in person in July.

In this edition of our newsletter:

  • Intro Workshop for Module 1: Infant Movement Development – Outdoor Workshop in Devon – Moving with Body, Earth & Sky – July 17th & 18th – BOOK NOW.
  • Intro Workshop for Module 2 : Authentic Movement – Online Workshop – July 31st. BOOK NOW.
  • Diploma Programme Modules – Early Bird Rate on all payments received by 14th July 2021
  • Linda Hartley’s Summer Newsletter – Earth as Witness
  • Some Somatic Reading: The somatic field in mainstream media.

Best wishes

Paul Beaumont & Jane Okondo – UK Diploma Programme Organisers.

Workshop: Moving with Body, Earth & Sky

An Outdoor Infant Movement Development Introductory Workshop in Devon on 17 & 18 July 2021

Explore early infant movement development patterns in the natural landscape, feeling earth and ground as well as the inspiration of the air and sky.

Spend a weekend being introduced to the movement that we all go through and that form the foundation to our development. This workshop is open to all. It is the last opportunity for those interested in joining us for Module 1 of the diploma to experience elements of the IBMT approach and the course material.

All the details here. Book Now to ensure your place

Workshop: Introduction to Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Presence

An image of 2 people moving on the floor exploring contact

Saturday 31st July 2021 – Online

This workshop can be taken as stand-alone for personal and professional development and is also an introduction to Module 2 of the IBMT Diploma that starts in October 2021.

Details here.

Diploma Programme 2021 – 22

Module 1 Infant Movement Development – Book Now

Belly Crawling ExplorationIn September we begin this year long module, that explores the fundamentals of human movement. We study the map of development that we all go through from conception, birth and throughout our lives. We track the enormous changes that evolve in these early months that accompany our psychological and relational development. 20 days of study over 6 long weekends.

Have the chance to:

  • take some time to land in your body and movement, and develop resources to support well-being.
  • reconnect with fundamentals of movement to support you in everyday life.
  • learn frameworks to be able to observe and understand the movement of others.
  • develop knowledge of antomy and physiology.
  • learn hands-on bodywork techniques.
  • develop an embodied understanding of the process from the single cell, conception, inutero patterns, birth process and how we respond to gravity and space.

Module Details here

Module 2 Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Presence – Book Now

Jane Okondo & Beverley Nolan will teach this module of the diploma starting in October 2021 in Devon.

The module consists of four long weekends of study in the discipline of Authentic Movement and its relationship to therapeutic and educational practice, exploring how it can help cultivate clear presence in our work with others. The course is intended as support for the development of skills which can be used in various fields of work.

  • explore your own unconscious movement process.
  • develop your ability to ‘be with’ others’ movement, emotional and psychological material.
  • practice skills of observing, tracking and naming movement.
  • clarify therapeutic awareness of self and other.
  • develop an ability to hold space, establish containment and ground experience.

Jane Okondo writes:

“Authentic Movement is a holistic way of working with inner process, how we hold space for others and develop skills in communication and relationship.

It teaches us how to enter into our own movement process, bridging the unconscious and conscious. We learn skills as movers and witnessess, developing our ability to be with another, whatever the nature of their experience. We develop the capacity to hold process and cultivate language and communication skills that are applicable to so many aspects of life”

If you are interested in joining this module please get in touch soon to ensure your place.

Module Details here – Book Now to ensure your place

Earth As Witness – Linda Hartley writes on Solo Authentic Movement Practice

Linda writes:

After a long winter lockdown, and a flurry of re-adjustments as we began to tentatively emerge from our hibernation into a cold and wet spring, finally summer has arrived with some beautiful days and, I hope for each of you, some renewed energy to find ways back towards the fullness of life again.

I have finally returned to the studio with a few small groups of movers to resume our Authentic Movement practice, offering re-scheduled retreats for my current students after last year’s cancellations.

Once there seems to be more certainty that we won’t have further lockdowns I hope to be able to invite new students into my teaching practice. If you might be interested in joining a small group retreat or weekend workshop sometime over the next year, please send me an introductory letter with some information about yourself, including any previous experience of Authentic Movement (though this is not essential), your location, and anything else you would like me to know.

Meanwhile I continue the work of bringing together a book of writings by practitioners of IBMT, which is now with a publisher. And I am close to completion of the first draft of the book I am writing. In my latest blog I share with you an excerpt adapted from the book. I hope you enjoy it.

Click Here to Read Linda’s latest Blog

Related Reading

Reading the paper or listening to the radio, it’s heartening to find items related to the somatic field in the mainstream media. The entry points and language might be different, but often they so strongly relate to our somatic practice.

New Book, Fully Human, by Steve Biddulph introduced in a Guardian Article.

It is interesting that the subtitle refers to mind and not body. IBMT supports us to be fully human, through our embodied practice. Through moving and sensing, noticing, moving and sensing some more. Somatic practice has this at its heart, supporting us to notice more, to pay attention, to allow the body to find its way, as we find the language to describe what we notice and develop the ability to connect with others. Reading this article, the map that this book outlines seems to have many overlaps with our IBMT work: the maps of our Somatic Psychology module, together with the deep sensing that our Embodied Anatomy and Authentic Movement modules offer. It is great to see this somatic information coming out into the world from many directions. Read the Guardian Article Here.

The Octopus And The Evolution Of Intelligent Life by Peter Godfrey-Smith

Another popular science book, that describes our original home of the sea and offers an account of the evolutionary development of our nervous system. This relates to the embryological perspectives we include on our Infant Movement Development module as well as our study of the nervous system in Embodied Anatomy. I listened to the podcast when this book was serialised on Radio 4. It gave great insight into the fundamental principles of how the nervous system develops, with it’s growing complexity and organisation. Ultimately outlining our connection to all living things.


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