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UK IBMT Newsletter February 2022

Welcome to the new year. We are grateful to all that students and faculty have done to make their way to meet face to face again, as we all navigate the ongoing challenges of the pandemic. We actually began our cylce in September as we started with a new co-hort of students beginning their study with Infant Movement Development and Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Presence.

We are continuing to look ahead to our Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning module beginning later in the year, and you are welcome to join us for an introductory workshop. These one day events are open to those with a general interest or who would like to join the diploma programme.

In this edition of our newsletter:

  • Intro Workshops for Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning Module.
  • New Diploma Students share their experiences of IBMT study.
  • Applications open to join the diploma programme.
  • New IBMT Book out soon – The Fluid Nature of Being.
  • ISMETA Professional Pathways Conference 2022.
  • David Boadella – Passed away in November 2021.

Best wishes

Paul Beaumont & Jane Okondo – UK Diploma Programme Organisers.

Introductory Workshops

Book Now to ensure your place.

As we move towards our next module: Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning, you are welcome to join us for an introductory workshop.

All the details here.

New Diploma Students Share their experience

It’s been a delight to be back in the studio, working in person again and we’ve had some heart warming feedback and longer accounts from students as they’ve reflected on their experience.

I really appreciate the pacing of the weekends, the spaciousness and the fact that complexity is embraced. It feels like an antidote to modes of being in the wider world. I admire and value the way each of the tutors holds space for us in a very skilled, nuanced and generous way. To have this way of holding space modelled for us is really helpful in terms of developing our own approaches / ways to hold space. The fact that the body is at the centre of the IBMT approach is why I wanted to do the diploma and also what is resonating with me in terms of material – for example learning about fundamental movement patterns.

Hannah Buckley – Dancer & Choreographer

The material in the training is presented in a digestible way. As a kinaesthetic learner it suits me well. I get to embody the material through movement and, in this way, it lands in me. We are provided digestible chunks of theory and then guided through movement in a way that allows this theory to take root in the body. For me, this is a much more holistic approach to education that recognises the intelligence of the whole body including, but not exclusive to, the brain.

Hayley Price, www.integrativeembodiment.uk

This course has exceeded my expectations in the competent and professional way it is run, in the way I am guided into my moving body experiences, in the interesting materials that are presented, in the opportunity to be a student again alongside fellow students and in my heart it just feels right.

Laurence Yeoman

Applications Open for Diploma Programme

Embodied Anatomy & Movement Repatterning Module – Starts Sept 2022

Module Details here

Join us in Autumn 2022 for 2 years of embodied study into our Anatomy & Physiology and how we can work using movement and touch to explore and repattern. 15 long weekends to investigate all the major systems of the body for your own understanding and in support of those you might work with.

Jane Okondo & Paul Beaumont will teach the module.

“During this module, we get a chance to develop a broad understanding of not only our physicality, but also have the space to connect with our individual experience of each system. We can gain insight into our personal body-stories and are introduced to touch-based approaches to support others. A grounding in the stuff of the body can be an invaluable support to resource practitioners in staying present and in tune on a somatic level”.

New IBMT Book Out Soon

The Fluid Nature of Being is a collection of writings by 21 IBMT practitioners from the 3 programmes in the UK, Lithuania & Russia.

Edited by Linda Hartley, the book covers topics such as IBMT in therapy, education, early years learning, dance and theatre; the integration with psychotherapy, psychoanalytic thinking, and somatic trauma therapy; and the connection between individual healing and the healing of the Earth and Nature during this time of planetary crisis.

Register your details here to receive notification of publication.

ISMETA Professional Pathways Conference – Save the Dates

ISMETA 30th Anniversary LogoThe ISMETA conference Professional Pathways: Building Knowledge, Skills & Practices in Somatic Movement will take place April 29 – May 1, 2022 online.

The last conference was a huge success! We showed the world how Somatic Movement Education and Therapy is being applied in the realms of Health, Education and Social Justice. All who attended gave positive feedback, deeply appreciating the opportunity to gather together and strengthen our professional community.
To build on this momentum, we are focusing this year more directly on the profession of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy. The workshops at this conference will demonstrate the different ways we prepare highly qualified professionals in our field.


See www.ismeta.org for details to be released soon.

David Boadella

It is with great sadness we heard about the death of David Boadella in Novemeber last year. He was a British psychotherapist and founder of a modality of body psychotherapy called biosynthesis. In developing the diploma Linda Hartley included many strands of his work in the IBMT programme, especially in Module 5: Somatic Psychology.

His family shared his last poem:

“I and my body”
Do I carry my body through this life
or does it carry me?
do I take care of it,
for richer, for poorer,
for better, for worse,
in sickness, in health,
as long as we stay together,
or does it take care of me?
when I rise out of bed,
I leave an imprint in the sheets,
the shape of my body.
When I rise out of my body,
I leave an imprint in the flesh,
the shape of who has been living there.
When the light goes out
my shadow is gone;
when the life goes out
my body is gone.

Who dies?
Not I.

David Boadella 1931 – 2021

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