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An introduction to Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence

Online Workshop

This workshop can be taken as stand-alone for personal and professional development and is also an introduction to Module 2 of the IBMT Diploma that starts in October 2021.

The day will be focused on experiencing the practice of Authentic Movement with an opportunity for immersion in your own movement process and an introduction to skills of inner witnessing of movement.

About Authentic Movement

Authentic Movement is a contemplative movement practice which has been evolved by Janet Adler and is a therapeutic and meditative movement practice. As in the discipline of mindfulness meditation, we seek to pay attention to our direct experience, moment by moment, witnessing the sensations, feelings and movement impulses which arise into consciousness.

Therapeutic Presence

In IBMT we integrate the practice of Authentic Movement to support developing presence. With continued practice the ability to be present develops and supports cultivating a therapeutic aspect in client sessions where they can feel witnessed without judgement.

Dates: Sat 31st July  2021
Times: 10.30am-4.30pm UK time
Online: Via zoom. Link sent on registration.
Cost: £80.00 Full Rate.
Trainer: Jane Okondo

To secure your place please send your payment. £80.00 along with your booking form.

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