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In 2016 we surveyed our graduates. Here is a selection of the feedback

What are some of the things you value about the IBMT program?

I loved it just the way it was (in Hamburg) Gave me a deep new understanding of movement an body- spirit-soul-communication. The wideness, the openness. Its concrete and creative at the same time. Clear and mystic at the same time. That each one has to find out herself how to apply it.

Linda’s teaching. The depth of the teaching. The anatomical grounding of deeply personal experience. The people it attracts. The location. The structure and timing of the modules.

Quality of teaching and there’s really nothing else available like it in the UK. I like the fact it’s not a 1 year ‘know it all course’ too – it takes its time.

The deep and rich embodiment that I have experienced. Linda’s wealth of experience and knowledge. The allowing that occurred which encouraged me to be myself and to trust and value my own experience.

The embodied resources it gave me for my life which I continue to learn and the introduction to authentic movement…my container for it all.

The integration of material (AM, BMC, Somatic Psychology). Three years across weekends to investigate and process. The group journey.

The invaluable synthesis and insightful application of BMC including the experiential anatomy, somatic psychology and AM meeting each other and being taught with integrity and creative, kind and compassionate knowledge. Meeting others interested in this work from many walks of life. The time for immersion for own process, nicely balanced with being a learner.

Well-structured study; 3 years – good time to dive in; personal embodiment as a main focus, rather then theoretical information; deep learning about hands-on work and ability to hold the client’s process.

the experiential nature of the work…. theory supports practice rather than theory led. The open nature of the work…. like a rich tool box of ways to support life and flow.

How do you apply what you learnt?

All the time, in private client work, in public workshops, in Higher Educational teaching both BA and MA level, and in navigating personal waters, it is a bedrock of my beingness in the world.

Daily life and with clients Currently, mainly helping people befriend their bodies through body-awareness and watching for pre-movements and following the natural movement of the body.

I am applying it both in my own personal practice and both in teaching situations and also now setting up 1-1 client work.

I apply it in each dance class (Modern dance/ improvisation/ bodywork/ individual processing…) Its the basic matrix, my movement understanding builds up on.

I currently work in an educational context and so explore appropriate applications of IBMT material in this setting. I also apply the IBMT material within my artistic practice and post graduate research. In the future I hope to work on a one to one basis in a therapeutic modality. Eventually I would be interested in complementing the IBMT material with more robust psychotherapeutic training.

I feel it is a part of me, it’s not what I do its how I am. My work is more more student lead than before. I am more empathetic, I can bring in intentional touch and work in more diverse ways depending on what the student needs.

I have my own daily practise, peer practise and I share it with individuals in a therapy content. I use it to help me in my daily life with family and partner.

I teach workshops of somatic movement; offer individual IBMT sessions; assist in IBMT program in Moscow; teach contact impro using somatic material; it informs my dancing; supports my personal life.

In my one to one client work. In my movement classes for dancers. In my work with disabled and non disabled dancers. It supports me in the way I live my life and relate to others.