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Reading & Resource List – Authentic Movement & Therapeutic Presence (Updated Nov 2023)

Books and Articles:

  • Authentic Movement – Essays by Mary Starks Whitehouse, Janet Adler and
    Joan Chodorow, edited by Patrizia Pallaro. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. 1999
  • Offering from the Conscious Body, Janet Adler. Inner Traditions. 2002
  • Dance Therapy and Depth Psychology, Joan Chodorow. Routledge. 1991
  • Authentic Movement, Second Edition, edited by Patrizia Pallaro. Jessica
    Kingsley Publishers.
  • Intimacy in Emptiness – An Evolution of Embodied Consciousness, collected writings of Janet Adler, edited by Bonnie Morrissey & Paula Sager. Inner Traditions. 2022
  • Choice, surrender and transitions in Authentic Movement: Reflections on personal and teaching practice, Linda Hartley. 2015
  • Embodiment of Spirit: From Embryology to Authentic Movement as Embodied Relational Spiritual Practice, Linda Hartley. In: Dance, Somatics, Spiritualities, Edited by A.Williamson, G.Bateson, S. Whatley and R.Weber, Chapter 1. Intellect. 2014
  • Somatic Bodywork and Movement Approaches to Trauma, Jane Okondo. In: The Fluid Nature of Being, ed. Linda Hartley. Handspring. 2022
  • What the Discipline of Authentic Movement is and what it is not, Cornelia Schmitz. 2015


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Movement Practice:

We recommend a regular movement practice, suggesting five to ten minutes of movement which you then track in writing or verbally to yourself. This practice will help to cultivate your inner witness, and keep you connected to your own movement process between seminars. We trust you will also find it is a great personal resource.